CROOKED LANE BOOKS First in Series Sampler

Crooked Lane Books has given us a sneak peek at some new Spring Cozy Mysteries debuting.

Crooked Lane always has really good Cozy Authors. And some of these are by those authors, debuting new series.

Let’s take a look at what is here.

A Novel in Disguise by Samantha Larsen comes out in May of this year.

Tiffany Woodall assumes her half-brother’s identity when he dies and quickly discovers she is not the only one keeping secrets. Investigating crime is a deadly business. This is Historical Fiction and if you haven’t tried one of these, why not?

FINAL CUT by Marjorie McCown comes out in June of this year. A Hollywood Mystery

Joey Jessop is a costumer in Hollywood and has stumbled upon a dead body close to the set of a big-budget movie and now her career and her life may be over. I am definitely looking forward to solving crime in Hollywood.

How the Murder Crumbles by Debra Sennefelder. A Cookie Shop Mystery.

Debra Sennefelder is one of my favorite cozy authors. And can we just take a moment and admire this cover? In the dead of winter, she brings us this lovely cover reminding us of Spring. This time she has cooked up a new mystery and it is in a cookie shop! Oh, you know it’s going to be fattening.

Cookies and Crime? Yes, please. Great characters, an idyllic locale, and a sweets shop. And of course, toss in a murder to spice things up. This one is coming in June of this year.

A CRYPTIC CLUE by Victoria Gilbert. A Hunter and Clewe Mystery is out in July.

Victoria Gilbert is another of my favorite cozy authors and I am loving the world play she uses. The name of the team is Hunter and Clewe. Clever.

Best of all for us book lovers, this main character is a retired librarian! She may be retired but she is getting back into books and a spot of murder.

MURDER AT AN IRISH CASTLE by Ellie Brannigan debuts An Irish Castle Mystery in February!

Loving the green cover. In this debut, a sharp and endearing protagonist, a colorful and quirky locale, has lots of twists and turns in an Irish Castle in an Irish Village. Rayne is getting more than she expected for her birthday and we are here for this one. Grab it now.

AN AMERICAN IN SCOTLAND by Lucy Connelly introduces A Scottish Isle Mystery. This one debuts in April of this year.

Head to the charming town of Sea Isle, Scotland, where secrets abound, and Dr. Emilia McRoy is going to uncover all of them. Someone doesn’t want the good doctor treating the residents here. And everyone is sketchy.

This will be good.

TAKE THE HONEY AND RUN by JENNIE MARTS introduces us to A Beekeeping Mystery and that sounds lovely. Coming in July

Meat Bailey Briggs. Bailey is a successful mystery author. She writes about murder all of the time but finding the very real body of her hometown’s founder was a shock!

And of course, the main suspect is Bailey’s grandmother. Now she needs to solve a real murder before Grandma is beeehind bars!

A feisty grandmother and honey? We are here for it!

Well, that’s a look at some new debuts. They are ready and waiting on NetGalley under Crooked Lane Books. Make sure to double-check the release dates as we know they can change. Also, take a look at the other cozy series on Crooked Lane Books’ site as well. There really is something for every reader’s interest.


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  1. Nice.. can’t wait

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  2. As one who works part time in a library, I am amazed at the number of cozy mystery titles that deal with food. I would think that they would eventually run out of ideas. But I guess not. Hahaha!!

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