Blackwood Mansion is where the Bookman children grew up. It is surrounded by woods overlooking the town of New Haven. Something unthinkable happened there when they were children and no one has wanted to go back.

Enter Ben Bookman, bestselling novelist of stories that give you nightmares. Ben has his own nightmares and they are terrifying. When he has a bout with writer’s block, he heads to Blackwood and in one weekend has finished his book, The Scarecrow. And just as the book is ready for launch, someone is acting out all of the killings in the book. And Ben looks like a suspect instead of an author.

The killings are gruesome. A family chopped up and sewn into cocoons, very similar to the book. And then another family is killed in the same way and Detective Mills and his daughter are trying hard to find what links these murders to the book and the author of the book.

Ben becomes the only suspect. With his lapses in memory and odd behavior, even he isn’t quite sure he isn’t guilty. Digging into what went on in that house begins in the atrium. Where there are thousands of books with nothing in them. It would seem. But there is a much more chilling thing in these books and someone is letting it out.

Who doesn’t love a good horror story? And this one had me twisted in knots. It’s scary because it’s possible. Looking forward to the next one!

NetGalley/ January 10, 2023, Crooked Lane Books

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