Rum and Choke by Serry Harris

A Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon Mystery #4

Chloe is back and has been elected to represent them in the Florida Panhandle Barback Games. How in the world do they expect her to do obstical courses with drinks? It is not an easy course, concluding with rolling a keg up a hill. Some of the other competitors have brought in professionals to win.

At the same time Cloes’ friend, Anne, enlists her help with some old papers she has found that may show the exact location of a pirate treasure. Unless you call a dead body a treasure, however, there isn’t much going on.

With murder in town, Chloe has more than one job and she needs to figure out quickly who took the friendly competition to a new level.

We are at the fourth mystery now and I have to say, I’m in it now!

NetGalley/December 27th, 2022, Kensington Cozies

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