The Lost Witch by Paige Crutcher

The timeline in this book begins in 1922 and jumps to 2022. Brigid is a powerful witch and healer in a small town on an island in Ireland. The one thing she wants is a child. She is seduced by Luc Knightly, head of the Knightly Coven. She becomes pregnant and when her precious daughter is ill, she breaks a rule. She uses the magic in Lough of Briongloid. And that was a mistake. The magic takes her daughter and Brigid.

When she finds herself in the year 2022, she has no clue how she got there. But there is trouble. The witches of the knightly coven are using wild magic to distance the otherworld. Creatures from folklore are showing up in villages and stealing their humanity.

Brigid will have to help her descendants stop them and to do so she may lose herself again.

This was a bit slow for me. The story was good, however.

NetGalley/ December 27, 2022 St. Martin’s Press

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