Passion and Politics in the Age of England’s Most Famous Dynasty

Sarah Gristwood’s The Tudors in Love offers a brilliant history of the Tudor dynasty, showing how the rules of romantic courtly love irrevocably shaped the politics and international diplomacy of the period.

I don’t believe I have ever thought about courtly love, but now that I have, it makes sense. I think we have all been a bit in love with the Tudors and all of their many marriages and betrayals. It all seems romantic but much of it was convenience and alliances. Although did Henry VIII really have to kill his wife before marrying again? I mean, set her up somewhere. Death seems a bit extreme. To Henry, women seem to be disposable. This is odd since Elizabeth, his daughter, was hailed as a goddess!!

Ms. Gristwood has delved into the Tudors and their relationships thoroughly. Love, desire, power, all were in play. Did Henry really love Anne Boleyn as he declared? Maybe love meant something different then. But obsession is not love. Desire is not love.

Power and the lack of power were powerful motivators to fall in love. And the same things were powerful motivators to fall out of love.

A very good history of the Tudors and how we all look at love in all of its many forms.

NetGalley/December 13th, 2022 by St. Martin’s Press

  • Last year my sister and I did a DNA test. Most of the things we knew but turns out we are related to Henry VIII and my husband says that explains so much.


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