Alaska Wild #4

This is the fourth book in this series from our beloved mystery writer, Paige Shelton. I really enjoy the Alaska series.

We are back with Beth in Benedict, Alaska. Spring is finally showing up and with it comes the Death Walk. Sounds like something our ancient ancestors participated in. Spooky. It’s an annual tradition that helps the town leaders know who is still alive after the brutal winters. There are usually a few stragglers who need to be rounded up and accounted for but this year Kaye and Warren are missing.

Beth and her dog volunteer to check in on 96-year-old Al. And with Orin along she heads up the mountain. But Orin leaves her to go for help. Only he never returns. Gril does and they manage to get the old guy down to the doctor.

Orin does some secretive work for the government so his leaving for a few days is not out of the ordinary but the timing is odd. At the same time, there is a new guy at the halfway house. Charming and an amazing chef, Chaz isn’t a violent offender. He’s more likely to charm the pants off of you than club you over the head.

Beth still hasn’t made any contact with her father. She’s sure he is in Mexico but he isn’t answering her calls. So now she has to worry about Orin, her father, Kaye, and Warren.

Elijah left his dogs to certain people and Kaye got Finn. She and Beth have gotten to know each other a little bit as they walk the dogs, but Beth has secrets and they may get her killed. The Millers and the Oliphants are feuding neighbors and they are both out for blood, blaming each other.

This series is getting better each time. I enjoy reading about Alaska and Beth is a really good character. She is still feeling like she is being watched and she may feel that way until her attacker is found.

NetGalley/December 6th, 2022 by Minotaur Books

2 responses to “WINTER’S END by PAIGE SHELTON”

  1. I read the Scottish Bookstore series, but didn’t know about the Alaska Wild series. It does sound like a series I would very much enjoy. I am going to see if my library has them all. Great review, Patty. Thanks for sharing this series with me.

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    1. I love the bookstore one also, I don’t know a ton about life in Alaska so it’s really interesting

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