Jewelann Jordan is a hot mess. She hates her husband, has a son who is seriously troubled about something, and her shopping addiction has gotten so bad she is renting a storage unit!

But wait, her high school reunion is here and all she wants is what we all want. To inspire envy and regret in all women and one certain man. Christian Campbell has been her crush for a long time and she can’t wait to let him see what he missed out on!

With all of that pent-up sexual energy mixed with a lot of booze and you have a recipe for bad decisions. And this one will cost her everything!

Christian has his own motives for making a move on Jewelann. And they are not good!

This had so many things going on! So many despicable people. But what a shocker of an ending!

NetGalley/December 6th, 2022 by Crooked Lane Books

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