From the author of The Ballerinas, comes The Ingenue.

When I think of the word ingenue, I think of someone young and naive. That is what you should be thinking when you read this. How young and naive.

Saskia Kreis was once a piano prodigy. Now she is coming back to her family home, Elf House because her mother is dead. She and her father will need to work together to clear up the past and make way for a different future.

The house has always been passed down through the mother’s line and Saskia expects the place will now be hers. But to her surprise, her mother has left it to the most unlikely of people! The man who stole her innocence. The man who ruined her life by taking advantage of her innocence.

How they go about fixing things was brilliant! During the first third of the book, I was not sure of the story, but the last two-thirds made up for the slow start. And that ending. Perfect.

Exploring the relationships between mothers and daughters. About things not said, left too late to say.

NetGalley/December 6th, 2022 by St. Martin’s Press

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