An emotional and powerful story of a girl born in a hurricane named Wanda. Wanda lives in Florida, which is being taken over by the sea and the swamps. Weather patterns have changed and the hurricane season is now almost constant. Rising sea levels have taken back Miami and most of the state.

Kirby is a lineman, which is job security in the storm magnet that is Florida. Leaving his pregnant wife at home during Hurricane Wanda, Frida goes into labor and delivers this fierce girl herself. But now Kirby must raise her alone.

And when the storms take him, Wanda stays put with her neighbor. She grows and learns valuable life lessons about the world around her and how to survive in a place everyone else has abandoned.

This is a very real possibility and that made it a much more powerful story. The guts and determination of Wanda to survive after she has lost everything speaks to the human spirit. A warning to all of us of what happens when we keep putting off change. Nature doesn’t wait.

Beautiful book!

NetGalley/ December 6th, 2022 by Grand Central Publishing


  1. This sounds very interesting. Would this be what they call “Cli-Fi” (Climate Fiction)?

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    1. Yes! I think that sounds like a winner!

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