Bake Offed by Maya Corrigan

Number 8 in the Five-Ingredient Mystery Series

When the Deadly Desserts bake-off lives up to its name, Val and Granddad turn up the heat on a killer . . .

Cafe Manager Val and her grandfather are looking forward to the Maryland Mystery Fan Fest. Grandpa will be competing in a fun dessert competition where the cooks must pretend to be the cook for a famous detective. He gets Nero Wolf, whose chef, Fritz is proving a challenge for him until he finds a goldmine in the attic!

His competition seems a bit sketchy, especially when they pick up their packets and someone has slipped a note inside warning them about Cynthia Sweet. She isn’t anyone’s favorite person, but could she be a saboteur? Grandpa is sure she stole his idea for Five-Ingredient recipes in the local paper.

But her bad behavior comes to an end when she is found dead in her room. Now they must get to the bottom of things before more people end up dead.

I love this series. Humor, good cooking, and a mystery to solve!

 NetGalley/ November 29, 2022, Kensington/ Kensington Cozies

One response to “Bake Offed by Maya Corrigan”

  1. I also enjoy this series, but missed 7, so will try to catch up on them. Wonderful review, Patty. I love Val’s grandpa.

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