before you knew my name by JACQUELINE BUBLITZ

Two women arrive in New York looking for a fresh start, Alice Lee has not had an easy life but she arrives in New York with a stolen camera and $600. With dreams of making a name for herself as a photographer. And now she is dead. Killed with the very camera she loved. She may be dead but she is not gone. Not yet.

Ruby Jones is older. She has traveled from Australia and is feeling very alone. Then she finds Alice’s body by the river and everything changes.

Now there is a bond. Ruby is unable to just let it go. She needs to know who this girl was and why she was killed. Alice needs Ruby to tell her story. To tell the world who she is.

This was a who did it book. A mystery. But it was also about being seen. How important it is to have someone really see you. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

NetGalley/ Atria November 01, 2022

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