Marlowe Banks, Redesigned by Jacqueline Firkins

Marlowe Banks is a mess. With a MFA that has landed her a few good jobs in New York and one not-so-good job that has her doubting herself. She wants to design costumes. She is really good at it too.

But after a bad review and facing the fact that she really doesn’t love her fiance’ and gives back that ring and runs to the west coast. Facing student loan debt, critical parents and a demanding boss, she is not in the mood for any movie set romance.

But when a costume mix-up lands her in front of the camera, shy Marlowe is suddenly front and center in la-la-land.

A light and fun story of following one’s own star and putting friendship above a roll in the hay. It was a good read.

NetGalley/ October 25, 2022, St. Martin’s Press

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