The Untold Story of The World’s Most Famous Dynasty

In The Women of Rothschild, Natalie Livingstone reveals the role of women in shaping the legacy of the famous Rothschild dynasty, synonymous with wealth and power.

Natalie Livingstone has given us a look at the women of Rothschild and a very interesting look it is.

From England to the United States and literally, everywhere in between, these extraordinary women led lives that we both can and cannot relate to.

Even their name did not really belong to them. They were Jews in a time that meant they were also on the outside looking in. In ghettos and looked down on, they were fiercely determined to succeed. Unable to bank with the Christians, they built their own bank and the rest is history. Or so they say.

They worked hard for every success. From the dregs of society to hanging with queens, and politicians and advocating for reforms, and working within the stock exchange. The women helped bring down those ghettos in Frankfurt. They were inspiring. Then they came to the United States where they hung with artists, musicians, and politicians.

If you think they floated through life on a pampered pillow, don’t think that. They had the same problems that all women had in those times. They made bad decisions and had troubles.

There was so much research in this book and I loved every bit of it!

NetGalley/ October 25, 20022, St. Martin’s Press


  1. Sounds like a real captivating & page turner. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. It sounds like a well researched and fascinating book!


  3. Wooo, this sounds really good!

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  4. This one sounds fascinating!

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