I have been a fan of this author for a very long time. I lived here for many years. Until Katrina. I recognize quite a few players in this one, John! I’m delighted to have had a sneak peek at this excellent look at the past.

Grisham is in a unique position to write this story. He knew all the players. Most people hear Biloxi and think of Kessler Air Force Base or the CBs. Those things came first. And as always, crime soon followed. While the seafood industry brought so many people to work on the coast, it also brought people looking to take advantage. It was always known which people had connections and which did not. I won’t mention names.

Back in the day, the Dixie Mafia ran the coast. But it was pretty organized for a loose organization. While many boasted of being members, the real members stayed quiet.

In this tale, two friends grow up to be on different sides of the law. One is determined to clean up the crime and make his name. The other is just as determined to continue being “The Boss”. How will they end up? Well, you will have to read it but I can tell you it is a saga. The characters are brilliant and the story rings true.

I loved the characters in this book! It’s a great read!

NetGalley/ Doubleday 10/18/2022


  1. Grisham still has the touch!

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  2. I am a Grisham collector and have been getting my books from thrift stores! My fiance just surprised me with this new release and I can’t wait to read it although I am finishing up Sparring Partners. Sparring Partners is the latest (not sure if last) Jake Brigance series book and I am so sad about that! ha… I loved the characters.


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