Michaelangelo Comes To OKC

It has been a minute y’all! Today I want to share a small look at the traveling exhibit of the Sistine Chapel. It was in OKC last week and I was invited to the pre-launch. OU Boy was my plus-one for this. Even though he was in pain, he went. We walked in and the organizer grabbed my nametag and put it on and then looked at the husband and asked, ” And you are?” To which he replied: “I hold her purse.” Yes, he does. So they had lovely music playing and a Charcuterie Board which had my undivided attention for a long time!

The space was minimalist so the art really took center stage. This is an interactive exhibit. In front of each display was a stand with a description and a code. You scanned the code with your app and it begins to tell you everything about the piece and where it sits in the real chapel. It was very moving and the conversations were interesting.

It is a traveling exhibit so it may come to your town soon. It has a Facebook page and an Instagram page. I even found a picture of me in one of their online ads!

So enjoy looking at these and I’ll fill you in on where I have been.

OU Boy has been having a rough time of it. He was diagnosed with renal stenosis and needs a stent in his renal artery. The pain is immense and until he gets the stent he will be living with that pain. It doesn’t magically go away at bedtime so he is up and down and we aren’t sleeping a lot. Then we got a 24-hour bug and that was brutal. Made me look at food in a different way. We had to find a home for CoCo as I was getting very bad with her in the house. Even multiple HEPA machines were not cutting it. I was up several times a night for breathing treatments and with Tommy’s health he couldn’t bend down to pick her up. She still lives at the Hilton in her own room during the day and Tommy sneaks her into his office. At night she goes home with Trinity and is ruling the backyard at her house. And I can breathe again.

Even with all the deaths and illnesses, I’ve been on the water every week. OU Boy sits under a tree and watches me. But yesterday I got him a new kayak. A fishing one. I think he is going to like this!

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully, I will be back soon!


5 responses to “Michaelangelo Comes To OKC”

  1. I hope you are back soon 🙂

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  2. That is amazing! I hope OU boy is able to get his situation taken care of soon. Living with pain is not fun.

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    1. It was amazing. We find out more about his treatment next week.

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  3. Praying for OU Boy.

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