She’s back! The author who held us all in suspense with The Last House on Needless Street! With another wickedly delightful tale of horror, we could never imagine. I admire that in an author!

And she does not disappoint either!

“A great day is upon us. He is coming. The world will be washed away.”

Off the wild coast of Scotland, a group is preparing for the end of the world and the rebirth as well.

Of course, he is a crazy cult leader. He calls himself the keeper of the Adder, who will rise from the sea and will bestow his powers on one of the followers.

Altnaharra is off the coast and entry and exits depend on the tides. They are cut off from the world and believe everything they are told. And they are told some seriously insane stuff!

All of them, all women and young girls, except for Abel, who the Father never wanted anyway, want the honor. Most of all Eve. And then she meets CI Black. He comes to investigate a murder and is taken with Eve. He tries to warn her, to take her away, but she is brainwashed and drugged as well. They do what they are told and it is seriously messed up.

Soon Eve is questioning things. Why is she here? Where is her mother? Are they all going to die? But Eve is a clever girl and has a plan. Brutal, but it’s a plan to get out of here alive. Maimed, but alive.

The ending I did not see coming and that makes this a winner for me!

NetGalley/October 11th, 2022 by Tor Nightfire

3 responses to “LITTLE EVE by CATRIONA WARD”

  1. It sounds like a winner. And the cover is very cool. 🙂

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  2. Definitely sounds like a winner!

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