A wonderful story of mothers and daughters. The things they say and the secrets they don’t. An overbearing mother and a widowed and wounded daughter and granddaughter.

Mila has been betrayed. By the father of her child. Now she is being bossed around by her mother. When Mila agrees to buy a rundown guest house in the wilds of Cornwall. The idea is to restore it to its former glory and run it as a B and B. And Magda is going full steam ahead. Running all over Mila and her daughter. Magda is a cold woman. She is used to getting her way and runs roughshod over everyone unless they can help her in some way.

Mila just wants quiet to raise her daughter. And now that they are here in the house, her daughter’s stuffed rabbit is now talking. Is it magic? Because he/she has company. Legends say that an enchanted white hare runs these woods. But does it bring bad luck or good luck? Right now it’s not looking too rosy.

Everyone is keeping secrets. Some are worse than others and finding out those secrets may break her bond with her mother, or is her mother also keeping secrets?

I loved this tale. Little Jane was such a character, as were most of them. Mothers and daughters are one of the most difficult relationships and most are based on assumptions and secrets. This was wonderful!

NetGalley/October 4th, 2022 by Simon Schuster

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