This is the story of Leah Fern. She is better at being alone than with people. Born in a carnival trailer, her mother a magician, Leah was put to work at six years old, telling fortunes. And she is a natural. She definitely has a gift, but her mother’s chaotic life finds her leaving her daughter with a friend and never coming back. All her life Leah has wondered and fantasized about where her mother is.

Life has been hard for her. Being different is often hard. She is overwhelmed with feelings whenever she touches anyone and now on her 21st birthday, she is ready to move on. Like to heaven move on.

A knock at her door changes that and everything else she thought she knew as a mysterious package may lead to finding out what happened with her mother. And along the way, she learns a lot about herself.

Following the wishes of her former neighbor, she sets out to retrace the steps her mother took with this woman that Leah barely knew. At times frustrated and angry, she still pushes on to find who she is and why her mother left.

This is a book that I couldn’t put down. Leah’s character was so well done. We watched her evolve along the way and I was so invested in the outcome.

Beautiful Story!

NetGalley/ October 4th, 2022 by Melville House

An enchanting novel about the transcendent powers of the imagination, the magic of the threshold between past and present, and the courage it takes to love, The Strange Inheritance of Leah Fern explores the unlikely, at times adversarial, and ultimately redemptive relationship between a young woman who has forgotten how to live and a dead woman who summons her to remember. (less)

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