before you knew my name by JACQUELINE BUBLITZ

Two women arrive in New York looking for a fresh start, Alice Lee has not had an easy life but she arrives in New York with a stolen camera and $600. With dreams of making a name for herself as a photographer. And now she is dead. Killed with the very camera she loved. She may be dead but she is not gone. Not yet.

Ruby Jones is older. She has traveled from Australia and is feeling very alone. Then she finds Alice’s body by the river and everything changes.

Now there is a bond. Ruby is unable to just let it go. She needs to know who this girl was and why she was killed. Alice needs Ruby to tell her story. To tell the world who she is.

This was a who did it book. A mystery. But it was also about being seen. How important it is to have someone really see you. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

NetGalley/ Atria November 01, 2022

Marlowe Banks, Redesigned by Jacqueline Firkins

Marlowe Banks is a mess. With a MFA that has landed her a few good jobs in New York and one not-so-good job that has her doubting herself. She wants to design costumes. She is really good at it too.

But after a bad review and facing the fact that she really doesn’t love her fiance’ and gives back that ring and runs to the west coast. Facing student loan debt, critical parents and a demanding boss, she is not in the mood for any movie set romance.

But when a costume mix-up lands her in front of the camera, shy Marlowe is suddenly front and center in la-la-land.

A light and fun story of following one’s own star and putting friendship above a roll in the hay. It was a good read.

NetGalley/ October 25, 2022, St. Martin’s Press


The Untold Story of The World’s Most Famous Dynasty

In The Women of Rothschild, Natalie Livingstone reveals the role of women in shaping the legacy of the famous Rothschild dynasty, synonymous with wealth and power.

Natalie Livingstone has given us a look at the women of Rothschild and a very interesting look it is.

From England to the United States and literally, everywhere in between, these extraordinary women led lives that we both can and cannot relate to.

Even their name did not really belong to them. They were Jews in a time that meant they were also on the outside looking in. In ghettos and looked down on, they were fiercely determined to succeed. Unable to bank with the Christians, they built their own bank and the rest is history. Or so they say.

They worked hard for every success. From the dregs of society to hanging with queens, and politicians and advocating for reforms, and working within the stock exchange. The women helped bring down those ghettos in Frankfurt. They were inspiring. Then they came to the United States where they hung with artists, musicians, and politicians.

If you think they floated through life on a pampered pillow, don’t think that. They had the same problems that all women had in those times. They made bad decisions and had troubles.

There was so much research in this book and I loved every bit of it!

NetGalley/ October 25, 20022, St. Martin’s Press


A Kay Scarpetta Novel #26

We are back with Kay, Lucy, and all the gang! And you know there is about to be drama! Of the murderous kind.

Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Kay Scarpetta is testifying in a sensational murder trial. Cameras in the courtroom, abrasive attorneys, and a judge who seems to not have Kay’s back.

The trial is causing problems in Old Town. Traffic, true crime enthusiasts, and as she gets in her car with Pete, news of a murder in the home of the said judge. The story is that two years ago a former beauty queen washed ashore. Last seen on the boat with the fiance’, who has been sitting in jail since.

Kay is uneasy about a lot these days. The case as well as finding the mole in her office. Someone is set on ruining her for good. Could it be the last case?

Well, Patricia Cornwell always delivers a taut, and believable story. This was a good one!

NetGalley/October 25th, 2022 by Grand Central Publishing


I have been a fan of this author for a very long time. I lived here for many years. Until Katrina. I recognize quite a few players in this one, John! I’m delighted to have had a sneak peek at this excellent look at the past.

Grisham is in a unique position to write this story. He knew all the players. Most people hear Biloxi and think of Kessler Air Force Base or the CBs. Those things came first. And as always, crime soon followed. While the seafood industry brought so many people to work on the coast, it also brought people looking to take advantage. It was always known which people had connections and which did not. I won’t mention names.

Back in the day, the Dixie Mafia ran the coast. But it was pretty organized for a loose organization. While many boasted of being members, the real members stayed quiet.

In this tale, two friends grow up to be on different sides of the law. One is determined to clean up the crime and make his name. The other is just as determined to continue being “The Boss”. How will they end up? Well, you will have to read it but I can tell you it is a saga. The characters are brilliant and the story rings true.

I loved the characters in this book! It’s a great read!

NetGalley/ Doubleday 10/18/2022

MORGENTHAU: Power, Privilege, and the Rise of an American Dynasty by Andrew Meier

A monumental portrait of four generations of the Morgenthau family–a dynasty of power brokers whose outsized influence helped shaped New York City and the American Century.

The Morgenthaus came to the United States in 1866 from Germany. And immediately began to make their fortune. Losing everything they had only to rise to the top once again.

In this book, Meier accesses archives not previously seen in public. We learn how they gained enormous wealth and influence. They advised presidents and were vocal about the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust.

Lazarus is where we begin. He came to New York dreaming of building a bigger fortune than the one he lost in Germany. Sadly, that was not to be. But then came Henry, who became wealthy as a real estate mogul.

His son became FDR’s longest-serving aide. They built a dynasty in New York and the author has given us an unprecedented look at this powerful family.

What an interesting read this was. So many people are behind the scenes, pulling strings. But good people as well.

NetGalley/October 11, 2022, RHPG

Michaelangelo Comes To OKC

It has been a minute y’all! Today I want to share a small look at the traveling exhibit of the Sistine Chapel. It was in OKC last week and I was invited to the pre-launch. OU Boy was my plus-one for this. Even though he was in pain, he went. We walked in and the organizer grabbed my nametag and put it on and then looked at the husband and asked, ” And you are?” To which he replied: “I hold her purse.” Yes, he does. So they had lovely music playing and a Charcuterie Board which had my undivided attention for a long time!

The space was minimalist so the art really took center stage. This is an interactive exhibit. In front of each display was a stand with a description and a code. You scanned the code with your app and it begins to tell you everything about the piece and where it sits in the real chapel. It was very moving and the conversations were interesting.

It is a traveling exhibit so it may come to your town soon. It has a Facebook page and an Instagram page. I even found a picture of me in one of their online ads!

So enjoy looking at these and I’ll fill you in on where I have been.

OU Boy has been having a rough time of it. He was diagnosed with renal stenosis and needs a stent in his renal artery. The pain is immense and until he gets the stent he will be living with that pain. It doesn’t magically go away at bedtime so he is up and down and we aren’t sleeping a lot. Then we got a 24-hour bug and that was brutal. Made me look at food in a different way. We had to find a home for CoCo as I was getting very bad with her in the house. Even multiple HEPA machines were not cutting it. I was up several times a night for breathing treatments and with Tommy’s health he couldn’t bend down to pick her up. She still lives at the Hilton in her own room during the day and Tommy sneaks her into his office. At night she goes home with Trinity and is ruling the backyard at her house. And I can breathe again.

Even with all the deaths and illnesses, I’ve been on the water every week. OU Boy sits under a tree and watches me. But yesterday I got him a new kayak. A fishing one. I think he is going to like this!

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully, I will be back soon!



Stone Barrington #63

With 63 of these completed, is Stone getting predictable? In this one, he sure is in some trouble.

I have been the biggest fan of the adventures of this character. Unfortunately, it’s getting to the point where the character has become a caricature of who he was.

Stone helps rich women. Their boyfriend/husband comes for him. He beds the same three women and always lands with his feet on the ground.

It was a nice read as a day in the life of Stone Barrington, but a mystery it was not.

NetGalley/  October 11th, 2022 G.P. Putnam

This was his last book. We shall miss him.

Wild: The Life of Peter Beard by Graham Boynton

The Life of Peter Beard: Photographer, adventurer, lover

Graham Boynton’s Wild is the definitive biography of photographer Peter Beard, a larger-than-life icon who pushed the boundaries of art and scandalized international high society with his high-profile affairs.

What an interesting life this man had. Descended from old money. His great-grandfather, James Hill founded the Great Northern Railway and used his fortune on the arts. All of his children were exposed to the arts and had their own collections, so it was no surprise that Peter continued that.

He did everything to excess. Women, drugs, adventures in Africa. Even his death was noteworthy. He left his home in Montauk and was never seen alive again. Weeks later his body would be found in the forest. He had suffered from dementia.

He really had a wonderful talent and his work can be found in collections around the globe. The author was a friend for over 30 years and that adds so much to this interesting man’s life story.

NetGalley/October 11, 2022, St. Martin’s Press


She’s back! The author who held us all in suspense with The Last House on Needless Street! With another wickedly delightful tale of horror, we could never imagine. I admire that in an author!

And she does not disappoint either!

“A great day is upon us. He is coming. The world will be washed away.”

Off the wild coast of Scotland, a group is preparing for the end of the world and the rebirth as well.

Of course, he is a crazy cult leader. He calls himself the keeper of the Adder, who will rise from the sea and will bestow his powers on one of the followers.

Altnaharra is off the coast and entry and exits depend on the tides. They are cut off from the world and believe everything they are told. And they are told some seriously insane stuff!

All of them, all women and young girls, except for Abel, who the Father never wanted anyway, want the honor. Most of all Eve. And then she meets CI Black. He comes to investigate a murder and is taken with Eve. He tries to warn her, to take her away, but she is brainwashed and drugged as well. They do what they are told and it is seriously messed up.

Soon Eve is questioning things. Why is she here? Where is her mother? Are they all going to die? But Eve is a clever girl and has a plan. Brutal, but it’s a plan to get out of here alive. Maimed, but alive.

The ending I did not see coming and that makes this a winner for me!

NetGalley/October 11th, 2022 by Tor Nightfire