August, the Sunday of Summer

Can it really be August already? July has gone by in a long string of over 100-degree days. And not a drop of rain. Parts of our state got rain this weekend but we got 19 drops on the windshield. But it cooled off for a day.

July was a month I don’t want to repeat. OU Boy had another stent put in and then had to have his kidney function tested and I was sucking down Albuterol like water! I am allergic to everything in this state including my own dog. So I have been on a journey to allow her to stay. Flonase in the mornings, Clairton at night, and a huge Hepa filter machine. They suggested I keep a sterile room so that is my bedroom. For the past few days, I have been able to sleep through the night without a breathing treatment. So basically we are falling apart here.

The water levels are so low at the reservoir and the lake that kayaking is challenging. We still go and try In separate boats.

Today I am still in mourning for the prolific author, Stuart Woods who passed on the 22nd. If I had a book boyfriend it would be the infamous Stone Barrington. Although according to my husband I am a carbon copy of him. I loved the cheeky way he signed off each book. Don’t write me, I won’t answer. If you have an idea for a book then write it. Always made me laugh.

This week I am doing media for Bullet Train. I adored this book and badgered everyone I knew to read it. So read it before the movie.

How is everyone doing this summer? Reading pile caught up yet? Has anyone gone on vacation? Kids going back to school?

Also looking for new shows to binge on BritBox!


18 thoughts on “August, the Sunday of Summer

  1. In some ways it’s been a lousy summer here too. All the old ailments were at bay but I have something going on with my eyes. Doc says severe dry eye but I think it was acerbated with allergies (which I never had before!). Treatment for each is opposite. Antihistamine eye drops dry the eye. Oy vay! Having a amniotic lens inserted for 3 days in 3 weeks. Hopefully that will settle the cornea down and we can do a less traumatic treatment going forward. (Aren’t you sorry you asked?) Sorry about OU boy. Hoping that it’s settled down now. It seems to be the year of allergies that never were before. Good luck. Hope the pooch can stay.


  2. I hope the hubster makes a full recovery. It’s hot here, too. Hmm, maybe we live in the same state, I can’t recall. (I’m in the Northern Plains of TX.) I pray in thanksgiving every day for A/C and the electricity to run it, and I pray for rain.

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  3. I didn’t know Stuart Woods died. I haven’t read him, but, working in the library, have seen many of his books.
    I am praying for your allergies to get better. I know how bad that can be, from personal experience.
    We got a small amount of rain, over the weekend, and might get a few days below 100, later, this week.

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  4. Here in Southern Ontario, it has been hot and humid which is normal, but we need rain so badly!! I use the pool everyday and thank goodness for AC. Allergies are also bad up here, and of course every sniffle brings on worry of the new covid variant. I sure hope you husband recovers from his surgery and his kidney function is okay. I will never catch up on my reading, because for every book I read, I add 2 more to my TBR shelf. I hope August is better for all of you.

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  5. It’s hot here in NC, too. 🥵 And all of the beautiful trees are killing me. 🤧 I hope your allergies improve, and that your husband’s health does, too.
    I’m sorry you lost one of your favorite authors. 😔 I’ve heard of Stuart Woods but have never read any of his books.

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