Murder Spills the Tea by Vicki Delany

A Tea by the Sea Mystery #3

Lily Roberts is in a state. Busy in a good way with her fairly new business and helping her grandmother, Rose, with her B & B. Said Grandmother has entered Lily in a reality-themed cooking show, without her knowledge.

With this being the busy season, Lily’s plate is full, and filming a show is the last thing she wants. These show people are rude and loud, and just plain mean. Some of it is for the drama, but some of it is just people behaving badly.

When one of the judges turns up dead in her kitchen and her waitress is accused, Lily has another item on her plate. Find out who killed Tommy.

All of these people are sketchy. They all lie. And it isn’t just the show people. Some people in town are willing to kill to win this food contest.

The food in here is to die for. I know bad pun. But it is true. Glad we got a few recipes too!

NetGalley/July 26, 2022, Kensington

One response to “Murder Spills the Tea by Vicki Delany”

  1. Cozy mysteries are so fun!

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