A Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery

Hayley Powell is back writing her food and cocktails column in Bar Harbor, Maine and she is busy as ever. It’s always a pleasure to hop in and see what she is up to.

The last thing she and her friend Lydia, owner of Bar Harbor Ice Cream, expect to find in the freezer truck is a dead body. Especially not the dead body of Miranda, an employee!

Shocked and looking to protect Lydia, Hayley is doing her best to come up with suspects that don’t include Lydia or her husband who may or may not be cheating. Everyone is keeping secrets. Some are deadly and could make sure this is her last case! Hayley needs to untangle Miranda’s public and secret lives before anyone else is hurt. It won’t be easy.

Always a pleasure. Especially the recipes!

NetGalley/July 26, 2022, Kensington Books

4 responses to “DEATH of an ICE CREAM SCOOPER by LEE HOLLIS”

  1. I do enjoy a good cozy even though I haven’t read Hollis yet. On my TBR!

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    1. It’s a brother and sister team. She is the culinary person and he writes mysteries. They wrote for the Golden Girls too. Very interesting duo.


  2. A great review Pat. Sounds like an interesting read.

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    1. The description of the ice cream are drool worthy.


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