Mint Chocolate Murder by MERI ALLEN

An Ice Cream Shop Mystery #2

Riley Rhodes returns in the second delicious cozy set in a New England ice cream shop, Meri Allen’s Mint Chocolate Murder!

We are back in New England with Riley Rhodes of Udderly Delightful Ice Cream Shop, which she manages for her best friend.

Riley is surprised to be asked out to Peeniman’s Moy Mull Castle. The famous Maud Monaco, former supermodel, and wife of a very rich man. She has turned the castle and the extensive grounds into an art colony and she is hosting an art show and an ice cream social. Bitsy will be catering but Riley will provide the luscious fall flavors of ice cream she has dreamed up. And they sound dreamy!

The featured artist is photographer Adam Blasco. He has a rather dark reputation and sounds like a creep, so when he is found dead in a locked room, Riley ( a former CIA Librarian), figures out that more than one person had an ax to grind with Blasco and motives abound!

The biggest mystery is the locked room. How did someone kill him and get out without unlocking the door? Was it the famous Weeping Ghost? Or did this Scottish castle come with a secret as well as a ghost?

The food descriptions had my mouth watering! A book series about ice cream? Yes, please! I can’t wait for the next one.

NetGalley/ July 26, 2022, St. Martin’s Press

2 responses to “Mint Chocolate Murder by MERI ALLEN”

  1. This sounds adorable! Thanks for sharing your review, Piratepatty!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wonder why so many cozy mysteries revolve around food? Hahaha!


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