The Bodyguard

Hannah Brooks doesn’t look like a bodyguard. But looks are deceiving. She can take down a grown man any day of the week. Right now she’s hoping to land the coveted London job. Her kind of boyfriend, Robby, is also in the competition.

Imagine her surprise when her next assignment is guarding Jack Stapleton, a famous actor, who is as different from Hannah as can be. She does not want this job and on the first day, she discovers her kind of boyfriend kissing her kind of best friend.

Jack has a stalker even though after a tragic accident a few years ago, he moved to North Dakota and has been laying low.

Now he’s in Houston, where his mother has requested his presence while she undergoes cancer treatments. The only problem is he doesn’t want his family to know about a said stalker or the bodyguard.

Against all of Hannah’s wishes, the team comes up with the idea of having her pretend to be his girlfriend. This is not at all what she wants to do. Even her ex kind of boyfriend says it will never work. She’s too plain. Ouch!

The more time they spend together the more Hannah is wondering if she should be protecting her heart! Because this charade is beginning to feel very real.

No one can make me laugh and then sob like Katherine Center. Her characters are so believable and just uplifting. She is truly one of a kind!

NetGalley/July 19th, 2022 by St. Martin’s Press

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