Paradise Girls by Sandy Gingras

Mary Valley isn’t having the best week. Right before Christmas her boss and boyfriend, Ron, lets her know he has to spend Christmas with his daughter and ex-wife. Not a good thing. Tired of waiting for a commitment, she breaks up with the cad and quits her job. Her condo is already sold since they were supposed to move in together, so she is really at loose ends. Her relationship with her daughter is icy and she rarely sees her granddaughter. She is lonely.

A trip to Florida at the last minute can get you a good deal or an old rundown hotel. Mary gets the latter. But she also gets a surprise. Her granddaughter gets to come with her. Of course, she comes with a list of rules and inappropriate clothes, but Mary will take what she can get.

Daniel is at loose ends as well. His son was killed in the war and all he has left is his boy’s three-legged dog, Tripod. His life has been pared down to his small houseboat and a few possessions. He is a landscaper turned fisherman and he is going downhill fast.

Ollie owns the hotel. It’s going under and she needs an influx of capital or a buyer. She loves her home and doesn’t want to sell it, but she may not have a choice.

Hmm…an interior designer, a landscaper, and a hotel in need of both. This isn’t just a nice love story, it’s much more. The pain of loss, getting older with dreams unfulfilled, plans you make and they just don’t happen. Can a bunch of wounded people come together and help heal each other?

What a lovely story this is!

NetGalley/ July 5, 2022, St. Martin’s Press

2 responses to “Paradise Girls by Sandy Gingras”

  1. I think I’d like this one. Even the cover made me smile. Thanks for posting your review, Pirate Patty!

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