This is a fast-paced, very clever story of murder, revenge, money, and basically how to plan the perfect murder. Be patient.

Simon is a law professor in Chicago. Trying for tenure while his wife, Vicky works as a domestic violence advocate. It’s not a head over heels love story, but it’s stable. Maybe. Or is it all a lie?

Lauren and Conrad are filthy rich and live nearby. Until Lauren is found hanging from the balcony on Halloween night. And with that everything seems to unravel. Seems.

These people are all living lies. It’s almost impossible to connect any of the dots here. And even if they do, can they prove anything?

I am not giving anything away in this review. It’s the kind of book that you just have to read for yourself. A twisty, mindscrew of a story, and I had no idea what was going on until the end! That is well done!

NetGalley/July 5, 2022, Putnam Penguin Group

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