A Women’s Murder Club Thriller #22

22 seconds… until Lindsay Boxer loses her badge – or her life.

Lindsay and Joe get to work together in this twisty thriller. All the women are back and doing what they love. Cindy is struggling with writing the memoirs of a sick serial killer and Lindsay is trying to decide if her CI is full of hot air or is telling her the truth about a huge gun and drug shipment coming in.

The former cops begin to show up dead. Professional hits. But who is running this and why? While each body has a message, You Talk You Die, it isn’t clear what they should be quiet about. Does it have anything to do with the dirty cop they put away? Could he be running things from prison?

As Lindsay and Joe get a little too close, their own lives are threatened and Lindsay isn’t having that.

Full-on action from the first page. Each of the women has her own battles and some are pretty sick and twisted.

Really good one!

NetGalley/ May 2, 2022 Little, Brown & Company

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