Our Little World by Karen Winn

Coming of age in the ’80s. So much angst. So many secrets and misunderstandings that go with having a sibling in your school who you think is so much more than you are. It’s a dangerous thing and can end in lifelong emotional trauma.

Bee and her sister Audrina are 12 and 11. A new family has just moved into their cul-de-sac with a cute boy named Max and a little sister who is four named Sally.

It’s July and it’s hot and the lake is the place to be. Someone’s mom is always willing to haul them to the club pool or to the lake.

When Sally goes missing while at the lake, everyone looks suspicious to Bee. And her relationship with her sister is going from close to really far apart.

I enjoyed reading about the complexities of being and having sisters. There is always one who feels less than and that would be Bee. In her mind, her sister is the star and she is the nobody.

There was so much emotional trauma and heartbreak in this book that it was hard to read. I didn’t have an issue with all of the darkness, but I would have appreciated some balance with light.

NetGalley/May 3rd, 2022 by Dutton Books

3 responses to “Our Little World by Karen Winn”

  1. The plot for this book sounds intriguing and a neat perspective of not just the usual crush moving into a neighborhood but their sister going missing. I’m a bit put off by how you mentioned it was a hard read with emotional trauma/heartbreak tho, get the feeling I’ll be on the same page and don’t know if a fascinating storyline could save that for me 🤣. Might download a sample and see what it’s like. Enjoyed your review, thanks for bringing the book to my attention! ✨💛

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  2. Nice review. Thanks for the warning about the darkness not being tempered with lightness. That cover definitely intrigues me. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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