What A Wild Weekend!

Happy Whatever you are celebrating! In Oklahoma, the weather can change on a dime! While it is always windy, it’s a matter of 15mph or 45 mph. To our surprise, Friday dawned bright and hot! The High was 85 degrees so we were at the lake by noon and had our tent set up and the kayaks in the water. With the winds it was choppy! CoCo got “seasick” according to OU Boy who had her in a very safe doggy backpack, in his kayak, so they turned back. Eventually, we were able to go without her and it was amazing being back on the water, jumping white caps, and seeing who could go the furthest. It was me. It’s always me.

As you can see, I caved on the camping. I found this tent on Amazon and it was just what I didn’t know I wanted. Our big cabin tent was airy and it was not fun when the wind blew. Plus we gave it away. This little baby is aerodynamic and nothing moved! So cozy inside. We set it up on a tarp and then set up our screen house over it! Put down another tarp and a quilt so the princess could run around safely. Everyone did great until we woke up to 40 degrees and high winds. It took us 15 minutes to pack up and get our buns back to the house and the heat.

Saturday we checked each other for ticks. Apparently, that’s a thing. Luckily we did not have any unwanted guests. Then we laid around moaning about how sore our arms were.

Sunday we headed to the farm. It was a bittersweet day. Our first Easter without Grandpa and his birthday is today. We had a low-key celebration. Grandma cooked a delicious ham and I brought potato salad and cupcakes. I spent time on the back porch just rocking dogs and remembering why I loved that man so much.

Finally, everyone left and the pups crawled into their beds and slept. We were all worn out. And the weather was good so everyone sat outside. Most of us. Not me.

So the latest on Miss CoCo. She is at 1.1 pounds and is healthy. She has also found her voice and is annoying as a two-year-old. The first time I heard her I thought someone was strangling a cat and came running, but no, she wanted to let me know she pooped. She does this at 2 a.m.which OU Boy handles by bringing her back to bed with him. But here she is in all her stubborn glory. What was her first word? Here you go!


4 responses to “What A Wild Weekend!”

  1. All I read was ‘ticks’!lol … So glad to hear that you didn’t have any!

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    1. You and me both! I have never even seen a tick.

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  2. Hahaha! That youtube is awesome!! ❤

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    1. She has so much personality


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