The sins of the past echo in the present in the new literary thriller from Rachael Blok.

The wind is cold this high up. The man shouts out, but nobody hears. The cathedral roof has caught his fall, but it will not hold him for long. The night is dark. And it is such a long way down…

And so begins The Fall. It’s Good Friday at St. Albans cathedral and Willow is late. It’s dark and the exhibition materials she is bringing to St. Albans are late. It’s dark and while she is walking she could swear she could hear a scream. As she is leaving a man falls from the top of the cathedral.

DCI Jansen thinks it looks like a suicide. But this is an elderly man. How did he even get way up there and why? Digging into the past he finds the man was a verger here for a long time. He also helped out at a local mental hospital where a nurse went missing. And what does it all have to do with a pregnant woman, a child, and over fifty years of secrets and silence?

As Willow’s own family history becomes entangled in this case everyone is beginning to look suspicious.
A morally bankrupt verger has a lot of secrets and untangling them all was wickedly good!

NetGalley/ April 14th, 2022 Head of Zeus an Aries Book

4 responses to “THE FALL by RACHAEL BLOK”

  1. I love your reviews Patty. With all the paperback copies you receive, I believe you have the biggest collection of books

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    1. Books are my life. And tea. Due to health reasons, I am home most of the time so I travel between the pages.


      1. Aww get better soon Patty and I am glad you travel between the pages. Enjoy reading and reviewing more books. Stay strong. Garfield hugs💞🐾💞🐾

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  2. This review has me hankering to see if I can order this intriguing book through our library system!

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