Hello April!

Another April is here. Finally, we got a bit of rain this week. Not much. There are still wildfires burning and the grass at the farm feels like straw, but the time changed and so did the month.

Because I have a sister who is an April Fool’s baby, I tend to stay away from jokes. I think the fact that she was born on April 1st and our Momma named her Mary Jane is joke enough.

Spring is such a busy time. Calves are being born, chicks popping out of their shell. The whole rebirth thing going on. What I could do without is the flowering Bradford Pear trees that make me sneeze and wheeze.

I’ve read a bunch of really good thrillers lately and am looking forward to Don Winslow’s City on Fire coming out on the 26th of this month. I’ve read Lisa Scottoline’s What Happened to the Bennetts? Harlan Coben’s The Match. Lucy Foley’s The Paris Apartment, Dervla McTiernan’s The Murder Rule, Sally Helpworth’s The Younger Wife, and a whole lot more.

Mainly we have been being managed by our 1 pound chorkie who is training us. OU Boy began telling her, “Go potty and you can come to play.” Well, now every time she goes potty she ‘screams’ loudly and stands by it. Like, look what I did! It was funny the first day. At two in the morning, it was much less funny. She doesn’t really bark so it sounds like someone is strangling a cat which will wake you out of the deepest sleep!

She is rather like Waldo. We’re always looking for her and she blends into anything. On Facebook, we play where’s the dog. Here Miss Chicken has obviously done grievous harm to her which is why she is ripping out her throat. She’s a vicious little thing. But she has done wonders for our mental health. Two grown adults laying on the floor being her chew toys.

Last weekend was a four-day one for us so we grabbed the camping gear and the kayaks and headed to the lake. It was beautiful and it was great to be out on the water. The nights were cool but we brought a heater. We took Coco and her playpen with all of her stuff. On Day one we took her outside and put her on the grass. She looked up at us and ran back to the tent and went to bed. She was not impressed. She trembled at every owl, coyote, or just three boys on a bike. By Sunday morning it was just too much so we packed up, gave our tent to the kids next door, and agreed our camping days will now involve a cabin or hotel room. I personally love camping but we are pretty much spoiled by now and understand we can visit without spending the night.

Things have been so uncertain and scary around the world and we are trying to find ways to do self-care. Personally, I have put up more boundaries and stopped waiting for people to get vaxxed or even listening to them when they get sick. So my world may be smaller but the quality is so much better. And boy do I ever get a lot of reading done!

I hope we all have a peaceful and successful week and don’t slap anyone in public!

xx P

4 responses to “Hello April!”

  1. There is nothing like a new pet to change up the dynamics! 🙂


  2. I like pear trees, but I think they smell funny when they’re in bloom. Coco is so tiny and cute!

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  3. […] Ye Olde Blogge is for a good dog story, but one that includes a dog whose bark can be described as strangling a cat, well, we all welcome spring in our own ways, don’t we? (Pretty Pirate Patty […]

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