Three Shots to the Wind by Sherry Harris

Chloe Jackson, Sea Glass Saloon Mystery #3

We’re back in Emerald Cove, Florida with Chloe and friends. Chloe is mixing drinks when she looks up to see a plane and a banner. The banner reads I LOVE YOU CHLOE JACKSON! What in the world? She and her guy are not even at that point yet. So what does this mean?

The question continues when she finds a bouquet of lilacs and a not-so-cheap bottle of her favorite wine. Does she have a secret admirer?

Surely her ex-fiance in Chicago hasn’t decided that after all this time he wants her back. She is not interested in going back and can’t figure out what he could be doing. But, yes, he has come to town for a convention for accountants and is determined to win her back, or so it seems. And when he is found floating in the lake with her photo in his hand, suspicious minds want to know.

None of this makes any sense to her. And when Rip becomes a suspect, she is determined to find out who is behind this. But with all the sketchy people in this story, she may end up dead herself.

Really good series with great characters!

NetGalley/March 29th, 2022 by Kensington

2 responses to “Three Shots to the Wind by Sherry Harris”

  1. Oh, this sounds like a fun read. Thanks for sharing your review!

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    1. It is fun and so clever with her titles

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