Lost Coast Literary by Ellie Alexander

Ready for your new read? Ellie Alexander brings us a brand new book!

Welcome to the town of Cascata on California’s Lost Coast. And meet book editor Emily Bryant who is still confused as to why she is there. Her grandmother has left her entire Victorian mansion and her book collection to Emily. But Emily is confused. She has memories of her grandmother and her mother that are good. But for some reason, after her mother got cancer and they moved, Emily’s father would never take her back or mention the past. Something awful must have happened between the adults.

The stipulation in the will means that Emily will have to edit a box of old manuscripts in order to inherit.

She isn’t thrilled, to say the least. But as she reads the manuscripts she finds they are different from what she is used to seeing.

Whenever she makes a change in the manuscript it happens in real life! Yes, there is magic here! For a short bit, this is great. She can fix everyone’s problems with a red pen. Only something goes wrong and now her edits are having the opposite effect.

And now her family’s past is coming out and unfortunately, she can’t edit that.

Things are going crazy but her saving grace may be the last manuscript. Can she right some wrongs without ruining everything?

I am a fan of Ellie Alexander and this is definitely a series I could read! I hope there is a number two coming up!

NetGalley/March 29th, 2022 by Sweet Lemon Press LLC

One response to “Lost Coast Literary by Ellie Alexander”

  1. This sounds like a new cozy series I could get behind! Great post!

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