A Safe House (Stone Barrington #61)

Number 61 in the Stone Barrington Novels

I have read all of the Stone Barrington books. This one has Stone and Dino being interrupted by Lance Cabot at dinner. Lance needs a favor. A safe house for a congressional witness. And right now, if you please.

Of course, Stone hops in a plane with a beautiful former model who is about to be divorced from a Texas senator. A real peach of a guy.The only problem is this witness pretty much does what she wants. As we follow them to almost all of the homes Stone owns, they of course tumble into bed and the bad guys come and beat him up and Joan saves the day.

Of all of the books in this series I would say this was my least favorite. Very shallow. More like a fun romp through the lives of the rich and messy.

Maybe we need a new hero.

NetGalley/ March 22, 2022 G.P. Putnam-Ballentine

2 responses to “A SAFE HOUSE by STUART WOODS”

  1. I never heard of Stuart Woods until I started working at the library. Boy, have I heard of him, now. LOL!!!

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