The Match (Wilde, #2)

Wilde 2

If you haven’t read The Boy From The Woods, well why not? It was a great story that left us longing to hear more about the mysterious Wilde. As a young child, he was found living alone in the Ramapo Mountains in New Jersey. Headlines called him a feral child and no one knew who he was or where he came from.

Wilde has no memories of how he got there and who he is. As he makes friends with another child, David, adults get involved. And that means Hester, Laila, Matthew, and Rola. And they are all back.

Wilde has done a DNA test and posted it to a website. He gets a hit. 100% match. A father. Wilde tracks him down and they meet. But this man knows nothing about a son or who he slept with years ago. And when Wilde goes back, the entire family is gone. Just gone.

As he continues his search he finds a secret community that is handling online trolls a bit differently. And when they start to die, Wilde needs to find out why and who.

In his usual tight-lipped fashion, Coben spins webs in every direction, leaving us questioning everyone and everything we thought we knew. This one wrapped up nicely. Ancestry sites are being used in all types of cases now and it’s hard to stay hidden for very long. But even with the DNA, he has given it his own spin.

NetGalley/ March 15th, 2022 by Grand Central Publishing

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