Run, Rose, Run

Well, that is a combination of writers I did not imagine. Dolly Parton, the Queen of Nashville, and James Patterson, Master of the Thriller.

Twenty-Five-year-old Annielee has arrived in Nashville with nothing but a backpack full of secrets and lies. With dreams of making it big all by herself. A chance run-in with one of Ruthanna’s musicians and all of a sudden she is living with Ruthanna and headed for the big time.

More than once I thought this was based on the television show Nashville. About halfway through the book, I stopped even calling her Ruthanna and just called her Dolly. She along with the other characters are all slightly damaged in some way. Emotional trauma. Secrets they can’t share. But the past always catches up to us. And Annielee is about to find that out.

Thriller? No. Dead people? Also No. I could believe Dolly wrote this book but not JP. The characters were what I call surface. I didn’t really care for any of them. And it’s hard to believe the series of coincidences that came about really fast. But I wasn’t thrilled or remotely scared.

I have read everything James Patterson has written. This is becoming a pattern almost.

There are 12 songs included in the back. Just lyrics. Not sure why they were included.

NetGalley/ March 7th, 2022 by Little, Brown and Company


  1. Not a thriller and no dead people…well, I’m not surprised since Parton is involved with the book. I wouldn’t mind reading it, though, just to satisfy my curiosity.

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    1. You could tell which parts were hers and those were the best.


  2. Hard to beat James Patterson.

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  3. Apparently there is an album release in the works…

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  4. I love Dolly, but I think I will pass on this one.

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