Marching into March with a New Baby!

I know today is Mardi Gras. A holy day for us here usually. But it just didn’t seem like party time today. With our friends in Ukraine being unjustly invaded and killed it is just not celebration time.

Here it’s summer today. Flip flops and shorts. Last week we had snow and ice that is still hanging around in the western portion of the state as well as out at the farm.

A few weeks ago we started looking at small breed dogs for Grandma. Being out in the middle of nowhere on a dark farm, especially in bad weather, can be depressing. She found one on her own and darn if I didn’t take the runt. So yes, we have a fur baby. Or OU Boy does. It was his birthday gift. So meet CoCo.

She comes from a great home and her mom is a mini chihuahua and her dad is a toy Yorkie. She has 4 brothers who are four times her size. Grandma named her’s JJ and he weighs 1.9 pounds and totally eclipses her. He is wild and runs all over the place and barks. Coco doesn’t like touching carpet and she came wrapped in a cashmere blanket. So she is high maintenance.

She isn’t a pound yet so we are feeding her what the vet recommended. She was born and stayed with her parents and siblings in a large room. We bought an enclosure for a guinea pig for her and it fits her potty tray, which she already knew how to use, and her tiny bed and all of her toys. She doesn’t like wide-open places like the floor. At this moment OU Boy has taken her to work with him in her backpack. It has been too cold for the guys to see her until now. We are a pile of mush with her. And I have to say, the anxiety fairy has not shown up since CoCo came! Who knew?

She is a picky eater and we still bottle feed her milk. The vet recommended Goat’s Milk as it has a higher fat content. She gets a drop of honey three times a day so her blood sugar stays stable and he feeds her a teaspoon of Blue Buffalo filet mignon and veg. Literally, he feeds her with a spoon.

But with all of the mess going on in the world right now, calm of any kind is welcome. Sitting on the sofa snuggling little bit is the most calming thing in the world. We are obnoxious parents and she has more junk than any dog needs but she is just so darn cute.

I am praying for peace and aid to Ukraine and I hope you all are as well. It’s time to take a stand.

Stay safe and warm.

xx P

10 responses to “Marching into March with a New Baby!”

  1. I’m happy you have a new friend. Sometimes it’s my cats that get me through the day. Especially these days! We are all Ukrainians now.

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    1. I agree. Whatever comforts us all right now.

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  2. I am praying for peace, too. Coco is outrageously adorable!

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  3. What a sweet like thing❤❤

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    1. She is funny too! When I try and talk to her she puts her paw on my mouth, like, hush.

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  4. Coco is precious! Best of luck with her.

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    1. Thank you! She’s such a drama queen.

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  5. Your little Coco is so cute! Thanks for showing photos! 🙂

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  6. Nice to meet your new fur baby! So nice to have a tiny one to care for. Take care Patty and yes, I pray for peace to reign in Ukraine and for Russia to back off now that they have command and control of the nuclear plant.

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  7. Coco is absolutely adorable, Patty. I agree, a fur baby is great for stress levels. I pray constantly for peace and support for the Ukraine. Putin scares me so much. Take care.

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