The Fourth Book in the House-Flipper Mystery Series

Whitney Whitaker and her cousin, Buck, are flipping real estate in Nashville. So far they are doing pretty good. In this adventure, the two have purchased a property with a church and a parsonage on it. They have decided to turn it into an entertainment venue with the parsonage serving as a bar/restaurant.

Fresh from closing the deal, they arrive to find horses living on the land around the church and even one inside! And this is where we meet the neighbor. A real charmer, this one. He carries a cattle prod with him if that tells you what type of man he is. Telling them the land is his and sending them to court where the issue will be settled.

In the meantime, they get to work. The demo is in full swing and the stained glass windows are delivered. As Buck and Whitney haul them to the parsonage for safekeeping, Sawdust, who also narrates the story, is witness to a violent encounter inside the belfry! Oh to be a talking cat. Just as we were sure who did the deed, we are very wrong.

I love this series. Sawdust is a very good narrator and very observant. If you are an HGTV lover, this series is for you. There is a lot of friendship, family, good design, and a murder or two. What more could you ask for?

NetGalley/ February 22nd, 2022 St. Martin’s Press


  1. I love the idea of the cat as the narrator.

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  2. This sounds like an adorable mystery.:-)

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    1. It really is. My first read by this author.


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