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Detective Elin Warner #1

The first thing you should know about this book is that it is her first novel! I found that so hard to believe.

The cover alone had me pushing the buy now button. A Sanatorium? Yes, please.

Le Sommet in the Swiss Alps is surrounded by forests and mountains. Its building is intimidating and austere. What you would expect from an old sanatorium, complete with stories of abuse, and of course rumors. The locals never wanted it to be open again. But that did not happen. It has been turned into a hotel with a bit of the macabre left behind.

Elin is taking some time off of work due to her last case. Still haunted by that and the death of her brother as a child. Her memories become nightmares and as hard as she tries she can’t let go of the feeling her brother Isaac may have killed their brother.

Isaac is getting married now and his fiancee is a manager at the new hotel. Laure seems nice and Elin wonders if she knows what she is getting into with Isaac.

Elin gets a bad vibe from the hotel and the area surrounding it. Will tries to convince her to relax and let things go but Elin isn’t that type of woman. The next day not only brings treacherous snowstorms, locking everyone into the hotel, but Laure is also missing. And then they find a body in the snow. And another in the pool. Everyone is sketchy and a suspect. I suspected every one of them at some point.

This is one of those tense, panic attack-inducing thrill rides. You could feel the walls closing in. And from the looks of that ending, we will see more of Elin. I can’t wait.

Outstanding Job.


  1. Nice review!! Sounds great for the author’s first book.

    I like your mug!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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