Spreading the Love, not the Virus!

This has been some crazy weather! Last weekend we had snow. About 6 inches. People lost their minds and forgot how to drive and wrecks were all over the metro. It was gone in a few days. Nice and sunny today though. Hoping to get out in the kayak tomorrow.

So Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. Monday for those of you who need a reminder. Whole Foods has roses for $19.99 for two dozen. There you go.

All the Republicans came and made fools of themselves at the Gov.Stitt fundraiser. Don’t they realize there are cameras everywhere? And as the cherry on top, our Chef tested positive for Covid on Sunday. Surprise!

As for me, I have been battling a Crohn’s flair-up. Not pretty. I ate a boiled egg today. First time in 5 days I have eaten. So far, so good. Drinking copious amounts of Turmeric tea because it soothes my tummy. Catching up on reading lists and staring at the wall. But let’s talk tea!

This contains an image of:

Harney & Sons have a tea just for Valentine’s Day. It’s black tea with chocolate and rosebuds. When you open the tin the smell of chocolate hits you in the nose! The tin states “A romantic brew of our chocolate black tea blended with lovely pink rosebuds”. It’s good. Grab a chocolate croissant and you are in love.

Tea is always a good gift. Maybe with some Godiva chocolates? If someone I know is reading this?

We voted for Mayor on Tuesday. I voted for the current one. He’s pretty transparent and involved in the community. And he’s a Republican. I vote for the person, not the party.

During the ‘snowstorm’, there were 14 Amazon trucks waiting to get into the warehouse facility and they were waiting for 3 days! With my stuff on board. Very stressful. I had to see my therapist. Not because of that but it did add to the stress. I’m just feeling claustrophobic. It feels as if our world has shrunk since the Covid mess. I order my groceries now and just about everything else. Is this our new normal?

NetGalley has saved me from boredom and being a Vine Voice has kept me busy. I have painted all the furniture I scavenged and decorated my house twice. It’s keeping me semi-sane.

What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day? It’s on a Monday so probably nothing here. I have enough birthdays on that day and OU Boy’s birthday is the 21st.

Enjoy your weekend, stay safe, stay warm!

xx P

6 responses to “Spreading the Love, not the Virus!”

  1. I hope you feel better very quickly ❤ That tea sounds utterly lovely!

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    1. I dropped a piece of chocolate in it. So good.

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  2. I do hate this new normal. Glad that reading has kept you company. Writing has done that for me.

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  3. That tea sounds wonderful. I don’t normally have black tea, but that one sounds good. I hope you feel better soon. As for Valentine’s, we hardly even notice it, these days. We leave it for the “youngsters.” LOL!! I will say that we do enjoy that it makes chocolate covered cherries available for a limited time.

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    1. Oh those Queen Anne Cherries!

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