Goodbye January! Books, Cows, Chickens, and Pickles, Oh My!

Well, it’s hard to believe tomorrow is February. This has been such a chaotic winter so far and I don’t see Miss February being much different. It seems we always have an ice event sometime this month. Normally I am out of town in the warmth by now. But again, Covid. The unwanted houseguest just keeps popping back in. All of my neighbors are down with it. They are also unvaxxed.

Closing out January today as I have so many books coming out tomorrow. So here is what I read for February.

A beautiful story of family and secrets.

This contains: Circus of Wonders Elizabeth Macneal PDF, Circus of Wonders Elizabeth Macneal Epub, Circus of Wonders Elizabeth Macneal Audiobook, Circus of Wonders Elizabeth Macneal Read Online, Circus of Wonders Elizabeth Macneal VK, Circus of Wonders Elizabeth Macneal Epub VK, Circus of Wonders Elizabeth Macneal Kindle, Circus of Wonders Elizabeth Macneal PDF Free Download ➑ Hardcover, 368 pages
Expected publication: February 1st 2022 by Atria/Emily Bestler Books
ISBN 1982106794
File Size 36.8Mb
Historical Fiction with an unlikely heroine.
The Violin Conspiracy | Brendan Slocumb | 9780593315415 | NetGalley

A tale of race, poverty, hope, and family

This contains: The Christie Affair PDF, The Christie Affair Epub, The Christie Affair Audiobook, The Christie Affair Read Online, The Christie Affair VK, The Christie Affair Epub VK, The Christie Affair Kindle, The Christie Affair PDF Free Download ➑ Hardcover, 320 pages
Expected publication: February 1st 2022 by St. Martin's Press
ISBN 1250274613 (ISBN13: 9781250274618)
Language English
File Size 32Mb

A fictional account of Christie told by her husband’s mistress

The Black Agenda | Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman | 9781250276872 | NetGalley

Non-Fiction and Highly recommended

Two women. A history of witchcraft. And a deep-rooted female power that sings across the centuries. Once there was a young woman from a well-to-do New England family who never quite fit with the drawing rooms and parlors of her kin. Called instead to the tangled woods and wild cliffs surrounding her familys estate, Margaret Harlowe grew both stranger and more beautiful as she cultivated her uncanny power. Soon, whispers of witch dogged her footsteps, and Margarets power began to wind itself with

Can’t go wrong with Hester Fox. A really good one!

Love & Saffron: A Novel of Friendship, Food, and Love: Fay, Kim: 9780593419335: Books

I absolutely loved this story of friendship, food, and love

"A great new voice in suspense...Perfect for fans of Big Little Lies who thrive on stories of deceit in the suburban world.  J. T. Ellison, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Her Dark Lies "Pitch perfect suspense...The best debut Ive read this year.--Allison Brennan, New York Times bestselling author An intriguing and twisty domestic suspense about loyalty and deceit in a tight-knit Texas community where parents are known to behave badly and people are not always who they appear

Not as good as I had hoped

City of the Dead (Alex Delaware, #37)

It’s Kellerman. It’s good!

The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post PDF, The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post Epub, The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post Audiobook, The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post Read Online, The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post VK, The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post Epub VK, The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post Kindle, The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post PDF Free Download ➑ Hardcover, 400 pages Expected publication: February 15th 2022 by Ballantine Books ISBN 0593355687 File Size 40Mb

Loved it!

by JJ Bola, PRINT ISBN: 9781982175566 E-TEXT ISBN: 9781982175580

Not my cup of tea

Batten Down the Belfry (House-Flipper Mystery #4)

Another winner in this series

Batter Off Dead (A Country Store Mystery #10)
Another cozy series I love

These are my February release reads. Most are long read before we get to this point. I’m on to August at the moment and was pleasantly surprised to receive ARCs from James Patterson, Harlan Coben, and Stuart Woods. James Patterson wrote with Dolly Parton and that was surprising.

We had that cold snap with horrible winds a couple of weeks ago but this week was sunny so all the cows decided to go ahead and pop those babies out. One after the other. All weekend. I felt so bad, I wanted to give them all an epidural. That big heifer on the left is trying like heck to deliver what looks like triplets! We did see a set of twins. So, yeah, farm life. No better place to be.

We also checked out the new Chicken and Pickle place. No, I thought we were going to be having chicken and pickles. Nope. Not a pickle on the plate. The place is huge! So many cars I almost didn’t go in. But there was plenty of space inside and out. We snagged a small sofa in its own niche and watched Kansas City lose. Still not happy with that one.

This contains an image of:

So they have Pickle Ball courts. Inside and outside. Plenty of stuff for parents with kids in The Yard. Corn Hole, and other games I am not familiar with. The food was good but that bowl is about the size of a salad plate and there were exactly four pieces of pulled pork. If you don’t have kids, you may want to go somewhere else for brunch because it is loud!

I received my government Covid tests in the mail. Now I have 6 of them. We have the Republicans coming to the hotel this week so I’m sure we will need to test after that. $5,0000 a plate. They are eating short ribs and baked potatoes so I think someone is making a profit. Much different than our favorite Cattlemen’s Association. Those cowboys ate T-Bones and eggs! For breakfast! That is a man there.

We are learning to live without Grandpa at the farm. He had that John Wayne presence. Grandma is still feeling a bit lost and unsteady. She allows herself to be emotional but she also has a steel spine and this will be a long journey for her. Luckily she has us to hold her hand through it.

We are supposed to get lots of snow and bad weather this week. They say this every week and still nothing. We are desperate for rain or moisture.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you are reading! Stay warm and happy reading!


4 responses to “Goodbye January! Books, Cows, Chickens, and Pickles, Oh My!”

  1. Hi Patty,
    thank you for the insight into such a completely different world from the one we live in.
    Keep well and happy
    The Fab Four of Cley
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. It is sad your neighbors are unvaxxed. Stay safe from Covid. Miss reading your tea tales. But you have been reading alot of books.πŸ€—πŸ€—

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      1. Looking forward to reading your updates on teas.


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