A Man of Honor by Barbara Taylor Bradford

A Man of Honor

A prequel to A Woman of Substance

A Man of Honor tells us the story of Balckie O’Neill at 13. His future in Ireland seems bleak. His family is dead except for his two cousins, and he is now sailing to England to see his Uncle Patrick who has a job lined up in his building company for his nephew.

So, off he goes to Leeds. A much different place from where he has come from. Obsessed with building and money, Blackie learns his trade well and is soon very successful at it. Blackie is a smart man who knows what he wants and what he will do to make it happen. He has good friends in this story and it is here that he meets Emma Harte. Like Blackie she has dreams of making it big as well.

Telling Blackie’s story gave us insight into his future character and what has shaped his decisions. He is just a really good man.

I read A Woman of Substance long ago and it stuck with me. There was some confusing language uses in this one. And I failed to see how Robert’s story was pertinent.

No matter what, it is always a good day to read BTB!

NetGalley/ November 28th, 2021 by St. Martin’s Press

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