THE BALLERINAS by Rachel Kapelke-Dale

The Ballerinas

Three friends meet in the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet as teens. Delphine, the narrator of the story, Lindsay and Margaux. The story bounces between then and now.

Fourteen years ago, Delphine gave up her soloist spot at the POB to go to St. Petersburg. She also held a secret that could undo all of their lives. Now, Delphine is back in Paris. 36 years old and now a choreographer, hoping to work at the Palais Garnier Opera House, choreographing a ballet that will not only cement her career but to also make amends to her friends. But Paris has changed. Her friends have changed. And her secret may not be a secret after all.

This was an excellent look at the life of a ballerina. The sacrifices, the injuries, the all-consuming passion for the dance. How much of your life you lose when you wake up one morning too old to be a prima and yet it’s all you know. The complex relationships of the dancers. Are they friends or competitors?

This book lays bare the ugly side of ballet and dance. The fierce drive to be perfect, the loved ones lost along the way, casualties of a single-minded passion.

Really good book with a twist!

NetGalley/December 7th, 2021 by St. Martin’s Press


5 responses to “THE BALLERINAS by Rachel Kapelke-Dale”

  1. Sounds interesting in how it highlights the challenges and the uglier side of the ballet world. Great review

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    1. Yes. I can’t say I was shocked but it’s cut throat!

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  2. I just got a copy of this one and really want to get to it. I like the realistic description of what the ballet world is like, Wonderful review Patty.

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