The Sisters Sweet

The Sisters Sweet is a vaudeville act. Cooked up by twins Harriet and Josie’s parents.

The father is really worthless and the mother is cold and distant. No one can keep a job so the father thinks up an act for the girls. Dancing and singing siamese twins. Only they are not siamese twins. So he comes up with a contraption they wear under their dress that keeps one of each of their arms cinched to the suit. It is painful but they are making money. Until they are found out.

Josie runs away and they don’t exactly try to find her. She turns up in Hollywood making pictures but doesn’t want anyone to know her past.

They rely on family to take them in and give them jobs and Harriet just tries to be good and out of sight. But at what cost? In the end will she be true to herself or settle for a husband?

I am sorry to say not a one of these characters was the least bit enjoyable. There were no high points or low points. Just a bit dull.

NetGalley/November 30th, 2021 by The Dial Press

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