It’s Only November and I’m Over It!

Seriously y’all, Saturday I had to wear pants! And a sweater! I’m still shook.

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I had to show off my new boots though so pants it was. And socks. My feet were silently crying. Poor babies. Since my Georgia Bulldogs were playing at the same time as OU Boy’s school, we went to brunch and happily dug into the Whiskey Cake Cafe’s Farmhouse Eggs Benedict. Everything here is locally sourced and it was delicious.

We were home in time for the games. Tommy had to watch his on his phone because apparently, I am ‘too loud and vulgar”. Who knew all these years I am screaming, ” Just kill him!” was so awful. I’m sure the neighbors were wondering.

Both of our teams won. Mine clinched the SEC East. All in all, it was a good day and then we watched the GBBO. Oh Amanda, what a bad bake day you had.

For weeks now we have been working insane hours plus caring about our Grandparents and a 17-year-old. We were pretty worn out by Sunday. We watched more football, a really insane show on Netflix about Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Coincidentally, the place our aunts and uncles spent Halloween being drunk in another state.

At half-time, we shot over to the mall for the Wallflower sale at Bath and Body and we were back before kick-off.

Of course, the most important thing that happened on Saturday was the release of the sequel to A Dress the Color of the Sky. A Dress the Color of the Moon. This has been like birthing a baby for my friend Jennifer. The reason I like working with her is she is so open to change but fights like heck for her characters. And she was right!

Today is sunny but cold. That should not be allowed. Oklahoma is still being ignorant trying to not have masks in school and not get nurses and police vaxxed. Seriously, do you want to be sick and have a nurse who is taking care of Covid patients also taking care of your heart condition? That is called an unacceptable risk. Same for cops and medics and firemen. Have you never had to be vaccinated for life? School? If you joined the military they just line you up and shoot crap in your arm. You don’t ask what is in this, Karen!

Let’s all hope November treats us better than oh say, the last two years?!

Stay warm

xx P

8 responses to “It’s Only November and I’m Over It!”

  1. I can’t see the photo. 😦


  2. It’s only the beginning Patty…but you’re rockin’ those boots 🙂

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    1. It’s 46 degrees this morning. I’m thinking of hibernating.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t understand health and police, or fire officers who do not get vaxed…at all…Cute boots though! lol

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So what was the Netflix show? My curiosity is piqued.


  5. Literally it was Eureka Springs! lol


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