The Last Guest

I think my favorite character was Persephone. As she didn’t drone on back and forth.

I expected a locked room mystery but the dialogue was just too much. Actress Elspeth has been invited to her ex-husbands birthday party. She has made it clear she will only attend if their daughter is with her. When her daughter is a no-show, things get weird.

There were a whole bunch of odd people invited. Including her ex-husband’s current lover. They were having dinner and then drinks and then, lights out.

Elspeth wakes up to a dead ex and a room of sleeping guests. The police are suspicious of all of them. The story doesn’t make sense. And it really does not.

I honestly only liked the octopus. The rest of them were just self-involved.

If you are a fan of weird things, this is for you.

NetGalley/October 5th, 2021 by Ballantine Books

5 responses to “THE LAST GUEST by TESS LITTLE”

  1. It is true that some people like different kinds of books written in different ways. The trick is to find the people who like you’re way of writing. There are probably many someone’s out there who are a fan of weird things.

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    1. Yep, that’s why books are so great. Something for everyone.

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  2. Sorry this didn’t work out for you. Hope the next one is better.

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  3. Not all of them can be mind blowing.


  4. Not a fan of weird, so I will pass. Too bad this was a miss for you.

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