It is officially Autumn…somewhere

Hell yeah we are ready for a little cool down. With Autumn officially here it is still 90 degrees.

I have seen so much pumpkin spice crap I want to throw up. Popcorn, Oreos (seriously leave Oreos alone). Personally I’d like to see more cider donuts. Buckle up y’all, things are about to get weirder.

I haven’t been able to type for a bit. I had second degree burns and blisters on my left hand. I would love to say it was a welding accident or I rescued a puppy from a fire, but no if you are a crafter you already know. The dreaded hot glue gun. And while I’m running to the faucet screaming I ran into the wall. A picture fell down and broke two of my toes. I knew they were broken because one looked like the letter C and they turned black. Days later OU Boy rolled his ankle. So we’re just gonna sit on the sofa and not move for a bit.

Obviously we are trying to do too much. OU Boy got a huge promotion which also means different schedules and fixing up his office. I stopped by and he has two loungers, a 70 inch flat screen on the wall, an air fryer, and a fridge. That is the outer office. His new schedule is 8 to 4 and Monday through Friday. I don’t remember when we didn’t work Saturdays. So we are adjusting to each other’s schedules and I am trying hard to be a wife. So far it’s just having dinner ready. I’ve made it twice this week.

I realized that I have no idea what a wife does. Iron? I work full time myself. We sat down and talked about my lack of wifery skills. He is fine with just carrying on as we are with me being understanding of his odd hours at first. And sex. The good thing is he is a garbage eater. Meat, potatoes,pasta, casseroles and the good old sandwich with Kraft cheese. I can make dinner of two olives and a triscuit. I’m great at taking things out for dinner but by the time it rolls around I just don’t care.

It’s still hot here so we have been kayaking and visiting the Grands. Grandpa is in hospital now. If you are on the fence about this Covid thing, well, get off. My Grandpa had pleurisy and a mini-stroke. There were no hospital beds at all. Nowhere. We were told a bed may open up at Yukon Community and it did after 8 hours. We are sending folks to other states now and still these idiots refuse to get a shot. If you have to be hospitalized you wait for someone else to die. That’s brutal.

I am grateful for a never ending stack of books and a tea supply that will never run out. So, how are things in your neck of the woods?

I’m gonna go take something out for dinner. “And she laughed and laughed”.


11 responses to “It is officially Autumn…somewhere”

  1. Yeah, I know all about the taking something out of the freezer in the morning when you are all chipper and ambitious and then around 4 saying “what was I thinking? Where is pizza takeout number?” I have found that if I make the dinner in the morning (especially when it’s hot) it’s a lot more likely to get make. Sorry about your Grandpa. You can’t fix stupid.

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      1. Love the crockpot! It’s like magic.

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  2. I’m so sorry about your burns, I’ve been there with the glue gun! Happy Autumn, It’s 80 degrees here, so I am firmly in false summer!

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  3. Oh, I am so sorry for the accident you had with the glue gun and OU Boy’s ankle. Trust you are both getting better as I play catch up on blog posts to read. Congrats on the huge promotion for OU Boy!!

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    1. Thanks so much. How are you feeling?

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      1. Paws need time to heal and I don’t have time as need to use it so I have to let nature takes its course and hopefully it heals well.

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      2. You have more patience than anyone!

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      3. I am trying but it is tough. Thanks for your kind care and concern. You take care too

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  4. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Thank heaven for books and tea!

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