Murder Most Fair (Verity Kent, #5)

A Verity Kent Mystery #5

It’s always a treat to catch up with Verity and friends. I love that each book picks up right where the other one left off.

It’s 1919 and Verity has spent November with Sidney relaxing and healing from their last adventure.

Hoping things have settled down with the war over, they look forward to some much needed together time.

Until Verity’s Great Aunt llse shows up with her maid from Germany. The same aunt who aided her in sneaking into Germany during the war. But the war hasn’t been good for Germans. They are turning on anyone who aided the enemy and Aunt llse looks to be in very delicate health. Someone is threatening her and she has returned to England hoping to recover and figure out why she is being targeted.

While the family heads to Verity’s parents in Yorkshire, her aunt is still experiencing hostility and someone may be looking to even the score. Using her Secret Service contacts Verity must find out if this is about aiding deserters or something else all together.

Alas, the ever-present Lord Ardmore is a suspect, because, well he usually is a suspect.

This is one of my favorite Historical Fiction writers. Her characters are strong women and men who respect them.

Well Done!

NetGalley/August 31st, 2021 by Kensington Publishing Corporation


  1. This sounds like an excellent mystery series. 😃
    I’m off to look it up from book 1. Thanks so much for posting. 😊

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  2. She has the coolest covers- like watercolors.

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  3. l love you book reviews and am glad you are still working at it. How have you been my friend? Busy and staying safe? Latest studies show the covax vaccines losing efficacy in about 6 months. So please stay safe.

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    1. I already got my booster. Moderna. Staying home and staying safe. How are you??

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      1. Good job you are ahead of all. Glad you are staying aafe Patty. Tired post operations and am unsure if this tiredness is related to covid shots (finished both shots) or post surgeries. Hands are taking time to heal. Thank you for asking.

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      2. 🤗💖🤗💖


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