August arrived with a heat wave! We were so excited to have a new kayak dock at the lake. Out in the middle of the lake it’s cool and there are no bugs trying to suck your blood out!

We have been going at least once a week and discovering new little coves and rock formations. It’s a terrific workout for your entire body. And it’s also the only place I can find peace these days.

This past week was one of those long-hauler syndrome weeks. I call it Covid Lite. For three days I run a fever, lose all taste and smell and can barely move my body. I really wish they had released the vaccine before we caught it, but at the time they didn’t even know the name of it. We are fully vaccinated. None of our neighbors are. They are all leaving it up to God. Which I’m good with since we need less stupid people in this state.

We’ve entered a war. I have a sign on my door that you must show proof of vaccination to enter and then you still need to wear a mask. I don’t go anywhere without a mask still. I don’t trust people. So those hours on the lake are priceless. No one but you and your kayak. No “news”. No, ” Well, I heard…” I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if I hurt your feelings. You don’t have the right to put my life in danger.

We have made our position clear. I respect your decision to not get the shot. I don’t however believe it’s because you don’t know what is in it! To which I reply, ” Do you know what was in any of your vaccinations?” They never have an answer. They just say they will leave it up to God. Well,God sent us a doctor and a vaccine.

So this has been a right shitty week. On the plus side, I read six books and wrote 16 reviews. Since Vitamin D is so important I also went out and floated in the pool yesterday and let the sun unknot all of the knots in my stomach. Crohn’s does not think much of stress and we have been under a lot of stress.

How is everyone else handling the stress of this? Have any of you removed yourself from family and friends because of this? Our hospitals are overworked and overrun with Covid. There is a nursing shortage and people are being moved out of state. Hopefully not to Texas!

Thanks for listening to this gloomy Sunday rant! I know we’ll get through this, but man, it sucks.


18 thoughts on “WE HAVE A NEW KAYAK DOCK!

  1. I’m in the northeast. Although our numbers are rising they are way lower. We have a very high rate of vaccinations so I’m less concerned but still vigilant. I haven’t been to any large indoor functions and don’t intend to. Sending you positive energy for your after affects. Many people don’t understand until they themselves have been through it.

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  2. Up here in Ontario we are at 62% with two doses and 72% with one (ages 12 and up). I am still not going out anywhere and only spending time with people that I know have been double dosed (except my grandkids because they are too young to get it). I have heard of the long haulers and I feel terrible for you Patty. I think we all need to do what keeps us safe both physically and emotionally.

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  3. Dear Patty,
    we are in a totally different situation in our county. In our district, everyone has got two jabs (87%). We hardly ever meet people who aren’t vaccinated twice. For about 6 weeks we have an incident rate of 0. Here we have no protests against vaccination or Covid regulations. Although we have hardly any more regulations since last Mondy nearly everyone is using a face mask when being outside their houses and people are cautious not to come too near to other folks. Actually, our life hasn’t changed that much. We sometimes visit friends as we did before Covid and friends are visiting us. Maybe it’s naive, we are not afraid to get infected. We live our life a bit more careful but we don’t mind.
    We wish you that you get well soon again.
    All the best
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


      1. Dear Patty,
        we live at the coast of North Norfolk in Englands oldest sanctuary for wildlife. It’s an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) with few idyllic villages. We live in one of them. We really love living here. The next city, Norwich, is 45 min. by car away and there is no motorway in Norfolk.
        Wishing you all the best
        The Fab Four of Cley
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  4. Despite good vaccination rates here on the West Coast we still choose to wear face masks in indoor settings and keep socially distant when outside…there is an uptick in new infections and I believe it’s because the mask mandate was struck down to masks recommended…we are trying our best to enjoy the small pleasures of the season and keep safe.
    I’m sorry to read of your long-haul status and hope your health improves, those lovely kayak forays will help a lot!

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