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A dark, satirical thriller by the bestselling Japanese author, following the perilous train ride of five highly motivated assassins—soon to be a major film from Sony

This was a wild ride that I enjoyed from beginning to the end and will enjoy again when I watch the movie!

Five assassins are all on the same train. Nanao, who calls himself the unluckiest assassin in the world, has one task. Get on the bullet train in Tokyo and steal a suitcase and get back off the train.

Tangerine and Lemon are on the train as well. They have just rescued a powerful bad guy’s son and the suitcase full of ransom money. Their job is to get the boy and the money to the man who runs everything.

Kimura is on the train to kill one person. The boy who calls himself The Prince. He looks as innocent as a lamb, but Kimura’s son is on life support because “The Prince” tossed him off a roof. The Prince is a snot nosed little psychopath and is obsessed with control and mind games.

When they all discover they are on the same train things get deadly. The bag disappears, the bag reappears. The hostage is somehow dead and everyone is terrified of the same person. The Boss.

This book was a huge bestseller in Japan. You can not stop reading once you begin. There are so many double-crosses and plot twists that if you blink you miss something.

I will say this is the first time I’ve rooted for someone killing a teenager!

This is being made into a movie with big names. Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga and more. It was almost like keystone cops meet Reservoir Dogs.

August 3rd, 2021 by The Overlook Press

2 responses to “BULLET TRAIN by KOTARO ISAKA”

  1. I can recall dozens of times I’ve rooted for the deaths of fictional teenagers, and even kids. I guess I just have a dark soul. 😛

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    1. Thank Goodness I’m not alone!

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